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Stephen's Pointe HOA Complaint Procedure.

  1. A resident sees a violation with a neighbor.
  2. That resident goes directly to the neighbor with the violation and discusses it with that neighbor.
  3. If after 2 weeks there has been no resolution, the resident, notifies the HOA President.
  4. The President contacts the resident who is in violation in person or by phone, email or certified mail.
  5. If after 3 weeks, there has been no resolution, a fine may be assessed due to the severity of the violation.

*Most, if not all, violations are oversights and not a meaningful violation. 99.9% of issues are resolved with neighbors discussing their issues directly with their neighbors.


  • Budget is reviewed at the annual HOA meeting.
  • The annual HOA meeting is held in March of the current year.
  • Annual dues are $100. They are distributed by March and due by May 31st.     



  • Stephens Pointe is a Neighborhood Watch neighborhood. (Implementation 2009-10)


  • Just a reminder for residents with pets: If you are walking your dog throughout the neighborhood, please have the dog on a leash AND bring a waste bag. Remember to be courteous and clean up after your furry family members.
  • The speed limit in the neighborhood is 25 MPH. We ask our neighbors and their guests to respect the speed limit and drive safely. Be careful of children and animals in the neighborhood.