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Stephen's Pointe HOA Complaint Procedure.

  1. A Resident sees a violation with a neighbor.
  2. That Resident goes directly to the neighbor of the violation and discusses it with that neighbor.
  3. If after, 2 weeks, no resolution, the Resident, notifies a the SP President.
  4. The President contacts the Violation Resident via:
    Person or Phone

    Certified Mail
  5. If after 3 weeks no violation a fine may be assessed (due to severity of violation).

*Most, if not all, violations are oversights and not a meaningful violation. 99.9% of issues are resolved with neighbors discussing their issues directly with their neighbors.


  • Budget is reviewed at Annual Meeting.
  • Annual Meeting is held in March of the current year.
  • Annual Dues are $100. They are distributed by March due May 31st.     



  • Stephens Pointe is a Neighborhood Watch neighborhood. (Implementation 2009-10)


  • Just a reminder for those of us who have a dog, if you are walking your dog throughout the neighborhood, please have the dog on a leash AND bring a dog waste bag. It isn’t fair to residents who do not have dogs, to have other dogs going to the bathrooms on their lawns.
  • Speed limit in the neighborhood is 25 MPH. We ask our neighbors to respect the speed limit and drive safe. Be careful with kids and animals on the neighborhood.